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Why do young people use cannabis?

I have been given many reasons by young people to this question below are some of the most common:

• Many feel more relaxed and less tense when high

• There is a feeling that they become more creative

• They are happier and better company

• Many of their friends may also use and it becomes a very sociable event

• They feel they cannot cope without the drug and become very low when they do not have any

• Some have stated that it helps in exams

• There is the perception that it is less harmful than tobacco

• The wide availability of cannabis makes it easy to come by

• Sharing the expense with friends makes it affordable

There are many reasons that young people use cannabis, and the way they view the drug helps to keep them using. It is felt that cannabis is less harmful than tobacco, which is what they would have ordinarily begun to try first. The feeling is that if you are already smoking then you may not be too concerned about the effect on your health, so it may be the next step to try cannabis.

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