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If you believe your child has problem anger it is helpful if you talk to them first, you can begin a conversation by saying they seem unhappy. It may be that there are issues outside the home that you are not aware of. If the issues are at school then ask to meet with them and see if the problem can be resolved. If bullying is going on in school this will have a big impact on how your child deals with you or their siblings. They may be going through a lot of stress especially if they have exams coming up or coursework deadlines to meet, the school will be able to advise on how to cope and offer someone in the school for your child to speak to.

As well as the school you can also approach your GP who may be able to refer your child to CAMHS (child and adolescent mental health services), who will have counsellors who can work with your child and the family.

There are various Anger Management courses available on the internet and some good self-help sites, see the useful links below.

I believe that anger management programmes can be a very useful tool in helping to deal with problem anger. I would however recommend that you are realistic about your expectations. Many people I have worked with have had anger management but are still coping with the problem. It is fine knowing the causes of anger and how to cope with them when you are calm and thinking rationally, however it is almost impossible to implement when in the middle of an anger storm. It is impossible to be happy and angry at the same time, if you suffer from frequent anger outbursts then you may need to find out what it is about your current life situation that makes you unhappy. If this is not dealt with you will always be a slave to your anger, an anger management course will be like putting a plaster on a gunshot wound.

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