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Common anger triggers

When discussing anger with young people there should always be a discussion around what makes them angry, their triggers are not unusual and the list below is more than likely common to people of all ages. When the discussion takes place it is quite a long list, but is a very useful exercise as it can lead to useful dialogue around why they produce such strong emotions, with your child you may have a good idea as to what makes them angry but you may be surprised at what comes up.

Below is a list of the most common I have come across:

• Sense of unfairness

• Not being listened to

• Name calling, whether personal or directed at loved ones

• Having rumours spread about them

• Being shouted at

• Excessive noise causing loss of concentration

• Being ridiculed especially around peers

• Feeling less cared about than a sibling

• Being bullied

• Witnessing friends being bullied

• Being ignored

• Being ridiculed

• Being wrongly accused

• Losing at a game/sport

As stated previously each person is an individual and will have their own unique set of triggers, knowing which ones are relevant for your child will go a long way to helping avoid or cope better with them in the future.

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